Clery Farm Foundation



Solarpunk is a movement and aesthetic that envisions a future where humanity succeeds in solving major contemporary challenges with an emphasis on sustainability, community, and technology.

It's our inspiration for a new kind of school.

Not long ago, the Pacific Northwest was covered in majestic oak woodlands and rolling prairies. These ecosystems sustained the people and wildlife who lived here. But over time, they've been disappearing. Today, less than 1% remain.

We're working to bring them back.

In 2017, we began our project of turning an 80 acre, historic farm in McMinnville, Oregon – conventionally farmed for a century – into a kind of laboratory for regenerative agriculture. And with the help of NRCS and Reidman Land Stewardship, we've restored and conserved over 20 acres of oak woodland and prairie.

We started Clery Farm Foundation to continue this work, and to build a new type of school. A multi-generational learning center inspired by the ideals of the Solarpunk movement – an optimistic vision of the future where ecology & technology work together to create a beautiful and sustainable way of living here on planet Earth.

We're looking for supporters to join our movement, and help us build the Solarpunk School.  

Project Based Learning

Pull a single thread of flax and it will lead to discovery about the history of civilization itself

Science & Technology

Learn about the entire universe in a single square meter of soil

Environmental Stewardship

Make an impact on restoring vanishing native ecosystems, supporting wildlife and biodiversity

Music, Art, Design
Inspiring people to draw from the beauty all around us, and discover the value of creativity in problem solving and self-expression
Give back through community garden food donation, public events, and supporting Outdoor Education for All programs
Independent Thinkers
Supporting diverse minds, neurodivergence as a strength, and self-led, intergenerational education

In 2023 we hosted a Linfield University ecology class, who used the farm for a series of experiments – researching nematodes and decomposition in the forest and prairie. We're looking to expand on these types of collaborations, and construct a learning center for intergenerational education and events.

At the heart of Solarpunk School will be an adolescent Montessori program. These kids – with the help of AMI certified guides – will facilitate the various community programs, such as a summer music & arts program, Outdoor Education for All, community gardens that support the underserved with fresh produce, lectures, events, and more.

Your donations will enable us to build facilities, greenhouses and growing domes, purchase tools, books, plants, seeds, and more.

Our project relies on the generosity of foward-thinking individuals like you! Can we count you in?